What’s for dinner???

A daily recounting of my evening meal. Enjoy! Feel free to copy me ;)

6 thoughts on “What’s for dinner???

  1. New feature! This is where I tell you what I had for dinner and give you the yummy recipe- if it was something complicated of course!

    Today’s dinner was an easy one, I’m lazy on Sundays :)

    * Raw baby spinach salad with onion, sharp cheddar and Caeser dressing
    * 2 hamburgers made on my Foreman grill with McCormick hamburger seasoning and cream cheese spread on top. Yum!

    • Cameron, It’s so easy. Sliced ripe tomatoes (garden vriaety or store bought ‘on the vine’ is best)1 small jar of capersOlives (I used olive bar style kalamada pitted black olives and garlic/red pepper green olives)Olive OilBalsamic vinegarsalt and pepperTomato and basil feta cheese (crumbled)curly leaf parselyfresh basilSlice tomatoes (about 1/2 in slices) and arrange on a plate. Rough chop the olives and mix with feta and chopped parsely and olive oil and capers. Sprinkle mixture over tomatoes and top with salt and pepper and basil. Can also add green onions, red pepper flakes, and/or garlic to taste. Reduce balsamic vinegar for 20 minutes or until syrupy, cool and pour over salad. Just sprinkle with balsamic vinegar if you don’t want to do this step.This also makes a good appetizer it you put the tomato slices on bruschetta-type bread. Put the olive mix on top and bake a few minutes to melt the cheese. Or skip the feta and put a thin slice of fresh mozarella on it.

    • Thank ya’ll so much for coming up to mlceowe Jeff home. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and Jeff really appreciates all the support ya’ll have given him. I love ya’ll.

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