Well, well, well… Guess who finally made it under 200lbs! ME!!!!! ┬áSo frigging excited. I haven’t seen that since… well honestly, I don’t even remember!!! It’s a good feeling. Even at 199.8! :)

I’ve been busy busy busy lately, so I have been neglecting you all, but I do have lots of good stuff for you coming up soon!! I managed to concoct a few recipes in the past few days that I am happy to share!

A low carb maple beer ham glaze, an awesome low carb meatloaf and last night’s chicken broccoli cheese casserole!! Keep an eye out for them!!!

Sorry for the drive by, but I’ll be back soon and it’ll have been worth the wait!

4 thoughts on “Onederland!!!!!

    • these are beautiful! Do you use any sepical editing programs? and do you have any advice on doing portraits with people? like how to direct them or how to make it less awkward? hahayour photos are amazing!

  1. Based solely on your rnmomceedation, I bought the 500 recipes book and the 15 minute cook book. Oh my goodness!!! The food is good. My daughters (age 13) told me tonight’s meal was one of the best I ever made. Not best low carb, best period. Thanks!!!!!

  2. Oh yay whimsy!!!!!!! My kids are enoyijng the food too. But my oldest has a mental block whenever he sees me pull out that big book. I am really wanting that 15-minute book!!!

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