Lighter Side of Low Carb

I just wanted to give a shout out to Cleochatra (Jamie VanEaton), her recipes are amazing and she is a force to be reckoned with, please, check her out, I tried this recipe last night and it was nothing short of awesome, much like everything else she graces us with!

Low Carb Deep Dish Pizza

Here’s how mine came out :)

5 thoughts on “Lighter Side of Low Carb

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Sara! I saw your comment and the name of your site (and I love pink and black, too) and I had a triple case of the happies. Bacon + awesomeness. Plus that chicken broccoli dish looks to die for. Thank you! Let’s keep in touch! I am adding you to the blogroll I’m putting together again.

    In bacon,

    • ok, follow these rules, and you will lose Atleast 40 pundos in a year! 1.between each bite, put down your fork and take a sip of water.(makes you eat slower which makes you eat 15% less during each meal) 2. if your still hungry after a meal, wait 20 minutes and you probably wont be, (if you are, then you can have a little more, you dont wanna starve yourself!!) 3.when you want soda or juice, drink water (flavor water iis good too!) 5. NO eating junkfood, NO eating after 7:30pm, NO starving yourself 4. run, walk, jog, bike, exercise for 30 minutes a day. (make sure to stretch before exercising!) 5. eat healthy (frozen veggies are as good as organic ones, and they are easy to prepare and cheap!) 6.get a good night’s sleep every night for more tips you can email me. just go to my profile page and email me a message. good luck!!

    • I’m not sure. I think so. The low carb store here closed about 5 years ago! I think that was the pasta they had. That stuff taetsd like shoe.For a while there they sold all kinds of stuff low carb and I think it was all b.s. I was eating low carb chocolate and thinking it was the greatest! It sucked, made me crave other junk food too. Not to mention the gas! TMII gave up on the shakes and bars and other low carb stuff too.

  2. Hi there! I went on a diet 1 month ago and I have lost 17 pounds so far, I didn’t go on some crazy you can’t eat ahitnyng diet I’m just eating healthier and more frequent smaller meals. I haven’t had any fast food or any fried food for that matter since I’ve started so in that respect I’ve been really good but really I’ve just been watching what I eat no salt (you’ll retain water) and no sweets (if you need something sweet sugar free jello works wonders). I’ve tried to stay away from the white foods if possible (rice, potatoes, white bread and flour) but if that’s all that’s around to eat just eat a smaller portion. NOT eating is going to make you keep the weight that you have instead of letting you loose, so if its a not so good for you meal eat, but just not alot!! Good luck!!

  3. There’s no magic.It’s portion conotrl.It’s physical activity.It’s drinking water instead of soda or milk.Limit sugar and simple carbs (like white bread).Instead of parking next to the store, park further out. Take a stroll along the neighborhood. Get up off the couch and do something else besides tv, and when you do, leave the remote on the entertainment center so you have to get up and do it.Eat oatmeal and cheerios instead of frosted coated sugar bombs . all these things DO add up. That weight didn’t appear there overnight, and it shouldn’t go away overnight too.No fad diets learn how to read labels. Increase that veggie intake!!Good luck to you!

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