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  1. You don’t need to lower the amount of fat and you iindfetely don’t need to go on a low calorie diet which goes completely against everything you have been doing. The reason people put on weight is because they consume more carbs than they expend energy its very simple. If you don’t do enough exercise as soon as you increase your carb intake you will start to gain weight. You need to increase your lean tissue by doing resistance training and do plenty of cardiovascular exercise. Most people get all the carbohydrate they need from vegetables and fruit. If you are not very active then just have small portions of whole grain sources of carbohydrate and if you start putting on weight then either cut the carbs or increase activity. The more food variety you talk about is puzzling. If you eat meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds then you are eating a natural diet for human beings. If by increasing variety you mean adding in lots of pasta, bread, rice, potatoes then you will end up putting on weight these foods are for people who work hard physically or run marathons or live in poor countries and are their subsistence foods and are not really useful in a sedentary life. Another reason that people can put on weight is that they have food sensitivities when they are avoiding whole grain sources of carb they often avoid the foods to which they are intolerant.

  2. No I would suggest solwly adding back in more carbs try things that are simple at first like fruit and gradually expand it to bread, rice, etc. But do it solwly otherwise your body not being used to the carbs will store it as fat. I would suggest also eating a lot of protein as well.

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