Drumroll please…… The Low-Carb Mini Cheesecake Recipe has arrived!

Well folks, here it is! The long awaited mini low carb cheesecake recipe!! I love this recipe for a few reasons. First and foremost, it’s tasty and really hits the spot if you’re craving cheesecake or just want something sweet. Not only is it good though, it’s easy! Plus there is so much you can do with it since it is a very basic recipe. Be creative!

Or copy off of me and try some things I’ve found to be good :)
-Spread 1tbsp peanut butter on top (Peter Pan crunchy is lowest on net carbs-6)
-Put a glob of sugar free jam or jelly on top
-Make a crust out of crushed up peanuts or almonds and a bit of melted butter and put it in the cupcake panty before adding the batter
-Add some cocoa powder to make a chocolate version
-Make it a pumpkin cheesecake (my favorite- but a little recipe alteration is needed, see the special notes)
-Add more cinnamon or try adding your favorite flavor extract

Really, anything goes! Make it yours! And if you come up with something kick ass, come back and tell me about it!
The exact carb count is going to vary slightly depending on what you add to the recipe, how full the cups are, etc, but mine usually come out to be about 6 or 7 net. Stick with one cup per serving though, you don’t want to over do it, but these shouldn’t stall you at all.

You’ll need:

16oz full fat cream cheese

½ cup sweetener (I’m partial to Splenda)

2 eggs

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Soften the cream cheese (leave it out for a bit or pop it in the micro for about 40 seconds), mix everything together in a big bowl, then beat with a hand mixer until smooth. Pour into 12 muffin cups (with liners!), you can fill them most of the way as they puff up when they cook, but deflate when you take them out. Bake for about 20 minutes or until they start to brown a on top.

Let them cool completely, they are better once cooled/refrigerated. Eat!

(For the pumpkin variation- Add 1-15oz can of pumpkin, 1/2 tbsp pumpkin pie spice and 1tsp cinnamon. They aren’t as thick, but still really good! I need to figure out how to make them more dense, suggestions welcome)

This is the first recipe of many as I have lots of favorites! So please check back often to see what’s next! You might discover a new favorite yourself!!!!

Oh, and did I mention I’m a lazy cook and afraid of ingredients I’ve never heard of before? So all of my recipes are simple to make, taste great, are easy to increase/decrease depending on the size of your family, make good leftovers and they all contain very few, if any, weird ingredients!! Also, I tend to stick to induction levels for the most part, so they are all induction friendly!!

13 thoughts on “Drumroll please…… The Low-Carb Mini Cheesecake Recipe has arrived!

  1. Hey there, I saw your post on reddit [im anaalius], and i will be following your blog :) I did the same as you , started a low carb blog while trying to lose weight and i have to say it has been very motavitional and kept me on track! Best of luck with the blog.

    Recipe look good too, nice and easy to follow!

    • Hey there I was so Hey there I was so suprised to see you’d made a video the spokoy thing is I just left a video request on plurk for you.I too think 137lb would make you look ill and agree that 160lb is a good number I’m sure your body will let you know when its done loosing and feels comfortable.Not a voter either dont see the point they never keeep the promises they make.Loved the pics of you for halloween nice costume and you looked great. xxxx

    • 125 is ideal for my height and frame. HA! I was 140s borfee I had my daughter and I loved my body. I had curves. THAT’S where I want to be.Is your youtube screen name derived from an Incubus song (I miss you), by chance? I haven’t watched all of your vids, so sorry if you’ve answered this question =) To know you feel the same as I do is a three fold utopian dream . I’m an Incubus fanatic, that song is one of my faves.

  2. Looks great! I made a really simple cheesecake the other day…just warmed the cream cheese in the microwave until it was soft, stirred in some hazelnut flavoured Torani syrup, and the put it in two ramekins to set. Refrigerated it for about an hour, sprinkled cocoa powder and slivered almonds on it and it was good!

    I picked up a can of pumpkin today and am going to try the same sort of thing, but will add the pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spice.

      • As I am seriously lncaikg in virtues of any good sort, I shall allow patience to rule the day and wait for those bars, but dang, girl. Didja hafta MENTION them?? I saw a couple of birds lately that made me think of you and your photography. You capture them so well. I can almost smell the air at your place! I am jealous. And hungry.Dangit again.

      • I woild seriously sueggst splurging on that spring form pan. The cheesecake is so, so much easier to get out with the spring form pan. And it doesn’t just have to be for cheesecakes, you can bake really anykind of cake in it too, provided you put a tray on the bottom so it doesn’t leak.

    • Thanksgiving is going to be a little fdnfereit for us this year. My parents will be out in New Mexico where my sister lives and my son will be in culinary school. We’re thinking of driving to where my son will be and spend the day with him. We’d have to go out, which will be the fdnfereit part because I’ve always cooked the dinner. As for desserts, yes to the fdnfereit types. I don’t like pumpkin, so I always make a variety of desserts. What I do for ideas is look in magazines like Woman’s World because they always have ideas like you’re looking for around the holidays. They always have pictures too. One year I made a veggie platter that ended up looking like a turkey. I followed the directions in the magazine and it turned out really cute.

    • Yes, I have been thinking about it and alctaluy discussed it with my husband last night. I assume you are stuffing the turkey? We add canned oysters to our traditional stuffing mix, and this is delicious!. We usually have cream-style corn, green beans, crescent dinner rolls, homemade gravy and mashed potatoes. For dessert, we do pumpkin pie and a key lime pie, just because the tartness is very good after a full meal like Thanksgiving. The truffles you are thinking of would be good, assuming everyone likes chocolate. They might be more than you want to tackle on such a heavy cooking day, however. But go for it, if you want!

  3. Hey Sara. I am sooo proud of you. You look awesome and I am glad to hear that you want to inspire others. I wish you the best of luck and since I work with your mother (who told me about your new venture of life) I will continue to read your blogs and watch you succeed in this awesome journey. Talk to you soon.

    • Roasted Root Veggies3 c. each chopped uqsash, sweet potatoes, baby carrots2 c. red potatoes, cut in quarters cooked in micro for 3 min2/3 c. apple butter2 tbs oilgarlic salt to tasteMix together veggies in a large bowl. Mix together apple butter oil, pour over veggies mix well. Spread on rimmed cookie sheet lined with foil coated w/cooking spray. Sprinkle garlic salt over the top. Bake at 400 for 45 minutes or until veggies are soft. You can make this a day early (cook only 35 minutes then reheat for 20-30 minutes-while the turkey cools is being carved). Serves 8Broccoli Casserole3 slices bread, torn into cubes16 oz pkg broccoli florets, thawed4 eggs2 c. milk1 c. shredded cheddar1/2 tsp dry mustard1 tbs butter, melteds p to tasteSpray 8 8 glass pan with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line bottom of pan with bread cubes, top with broccoli. Mix together rest of ingredients, pour over broccoli. Bake 35-45 minutes. Serves 6-8I made pumpkin pie a non-traditional dessert last year served a fruit platter. Everything got eaten (we ate at 5 had dessert at 8).

    • I’ve not been too worried about Thanksgiving becuase I always go to my Sister-in-laws and then to my parents. I have to bring a dish to both places, but I usually just bring what I’m told.I have been thinking about Christmas though! We’re are having my husbands office Christmas party again this year and I want everything to be just right. Last year was the first year that we hosted and I quess since we’re doing it again we did something right. (Maybe we have to do UNTIL we get it right! YIKES!!)

  4. Hi Nikki, I have Hi Nikki, I have been watching you r Vids and rlealy appreciate your sharing.. Thank You! I just put on my first video, and sent it to you to check it out . I also am requesting you to be my Friend..okI am having so much fun watching so many veiws and comments here about Our Gastric Bypass surgery Thank You again..ta2swb ( Oh that’s like tattooSWB)Thank You for ALL you have shared!HugggggggggggggsSherry

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